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Season Plans - Update

The following is to update league participants and friends of the current status of the 2020 VBC season. At this time we are under a state-wide Stay-at-Home order through June 10, 2020 that will clearly dictate the current duration of our leagues delayed start.

We want to get on the ball field as much as anyone and provide a 2020 season so we are going to keep working with the information we are provided to see how we may be able to give everyone some baseball in Richmond this year. Opportunities to play games will be dictated by field availability and scheduling restraints. At this time the respective counties that provide our fields are observing the field use restrictions and will not be making or taking any field reservations for the summer until the end of the state-wide order.

The VBC board is considering multiple options to get games played, as many as possible, in 2020. We are considering the following possibilities at this time; playing a half season with playoffs, playing a shortened season without playoffs (just getting in as many games as possible), and even trying to get in a full season which would start in late June and carry on into the fall. As you can imagine, there are many unknowns at this time but, as much as we all love the game, we want to consider any and all options to get as much in as possible this year.

We will continue working on possibilities as things continue to unfold around Virginia. Our next update may not be provided until June when we have a clearer view of the direction of league operations. Which ever option does get to play out we will be readjusting team fees to reflect the number of games played. If you have any questions about what we are doing please reach out to your team manager or me at

We hope everyone stays healthy and we look forward to planning the 2020 season to commence as soon as possible.

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